My Projects



A Basic interpreter for Windows and Unix.

See www.yabasic.de for screenshots, downloads and documentation. Visit github to create issues and contribute patches.


A harmonica tool for the commandline using microphone and speaker. While you play, it assists with scales, licks, music-theory and more in various and engaging ways.

Screenshots and in-depth description can be found on github.

Three contributions to org-mode

Some packages as contribution to the fabulous note-taking, project-planing, everything-organising orgmode.


A personal index for org.

For a demonstration, see the screencast here. The package can be installed from melpa; contributions on github are welcome.


Manage a working-set of org-nodes.

Can be installed from melpa; a screenshot is available on github, where you may also contribute.


Interactively cleanup unreferenced IDs of org-id.

This package can be installed from melpa; two screenshots are available on github, where you may also contribute patches or open issues.