Michel Clasquin-Johnson has created yabasiclibs, a set of libraries for Yabasic under Linux. These libs e.g. allow to create simple dialogs, either graphicap or text-based.

Games in Yabasic

Alan ... "Steel Bat" has written some games in Yabasic, complete with some nice screenshots.

Rosetta Code

Find Yabasic-solutions for common programming-problems at Rosetta Code.


Merten Joost has written japi, a library making the powerful graphics of Java available for users of other languages e.g. C, Pascal, Fortran and Yabasic !


Build a GTK-Gui with GTK-Server !

Peter van Eerten has created the program GTK-Server, which allows one to build a decent GUI for any yabasic-Program, using the GTK widget set with Listboxes, Radiobuttons, Menus and much more.

The GTK-Server uses the well known and featureful GTK-Library (which is used for example to build the GUI of the GIMP) and communicates with yabasic through standard pipes. It is known to work with yabasic under Windows and Unix.

Peter van Eertens program may be used not only with yabasic but with many scripting languages, enabling them all to built their GUI. For details, descriptions and downloads, please visit:


For a quick overview, you may have a look at the Screenshots below for Linux and Windows:


And here is the associated yabasic program:


Other Basic Sites