First of all, have a look at the Manual of Yabasic !

What is in the Manual

The Manual of Yabasic describes all the features and properties of yabasic in great depth and extent. It is packed with examples and it should contain everything to get you up and going with yabasic.

If the manual is not enough

If you still have trouble with yabasic, you may send me (my name is Marc Ihm for that matter) a mail or browse the faq.

If you have problems compiling yabasic under Unix, you should add the file runme.log , which is created by the runme-script and contains all the information needed to pin down the error.

If you have trouble with some yabasic-command or program , you should create a minimum sample program to reproduce the error; please keep this sample program as small as possible. Then and send it to me and add a short description of you problem, containing: