What's new ?

Version 2.90.4, September 17, 2023

Version 2.90.3, February 26, 2023

Version 2.90.2, January 6, 2022

Version 2.90.1, July 11, 2021

Version 2.90.0, July 10, 2021

Yabasic in a Nutshell

Yabasic is a traditional basic-interpreter. It comes with goto and various loops and allows to define subroutines and libraries. It does simple graphics and printing. Yabasic can call out to libraries written in C and allows to create standalone programs. Yabasic runs under Unix and Windows and has a comprehensive documentation; it is small, simple, open-source and free.

To learn more about yabasic, you may view the Manual of yabasic, browse the faq or read its history or the log of changes and bugs.

Hello World

This is a simple hello-world.yab written in yabasic, complete with the resulting screenshot:

	clear screen
	print "Press 'q' to quit ..."
	label again
	print color("green") "Hello ";
	print color("blue") "World !   ";
	if (inkey$(1)="q") exit
	goto again